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How to maintain your Mansfield Tools.

Mansfield Tools are designed to last for many years, but they must be cared for and regularly maintained not only so that they continue to work properly but also to ensure that you are eligible to claim your “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” should your tools become faulty.

Following a few basic rules will add many years of life and use to all of your Mansfield Tools which were designed to “make life easier” for all of us.

*Always remove all dirt and grime from your tools after each use.

*Never put your tools away wet! Always allow them to dry completely before oiling and storing them in a dry place.

Oiling your tools will stop your tools from deteriorating and prevent surface rust from appearing whilst your tools are not being used. Ensure that you do not leave your tools out in the weather as they will deteriorate in the rain and sun and may therefore not be covered by warranty should they become faulty.

*After each use wipe the metal parts of secateurs, shears and loppers with the oil pad supplied with your ratchet secateurs or with an oily cloth.  Alternatively, you can wipe your blades clean with a cloth and then spray lightly with a lubricant spray.

We recommend “Inox” as it doesn’t evaporate and will protect your tools for longer than some other types of lubricants.

Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oils are a nice natural alternative and also remove bacteria that may have transferred onto your blade from a diseased plant.

It is also very important that you remember to regularly lubricate your springs to avoid rust

*Sharpen your blades regularly to prolong the life of your blade and also to ensure that your tools always give a nice clean cut.

Mansfield Tools have a variety of sharpening tools available which will easily sharpen your blades.


What is our Lifetime Warranty?

Mansfield Tools “Lifetime Warranty” products are warranted to the consumer or commercial purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the consumer owns the product.

Our warranty does not cover blades, sharpening of blades, sharpening tools, pulleys, normal wear and tear, environmental factors, accidental damage, misuse or lack of maintenance, postage and/or freight costs (please refer to Maintenance Instructions)

At Mansfield Tools your defective product will be replaced or substituted with a product of equal value.
For more details, call us on 0407945015.